Art 110 – Extra Credit – My Feedback

I enjoyed the artist conversations and visiting the SOA Galleries. These visits were a good way to engage with art and challenge how we think and engage with art as well as how we interview people. Seeing examples of previous work in the weekly posts is helpful towards understanding what we are supposed to do, though some may view examples of what they are going to do (copy), however this is more on them than on the posts themselves. Requiring us to have a website is a good way to introduce us to this tool that can become incredibly useful for us some day. The space where we had the art discussions was fine but should probably be easier to maneuver and join. Having to scroll through comment after comment to post, reply, or view our own comment can be tedious.


3 Favorite activities:

  • Plaster Casting
  • Graffiti Writing
  • Art Care Package


Plaster Casting

Plaster Casting was very fun, especially when going to the beach with classmates. This activity provides a chance to get to meet others in a more laid back and less pressured-to-finish atmosphere than classmate conversations while having us craft something ourselves. Working physically with messy materials can be very fun and challenge us to creatively find ways to try to make the most “perfect” mold possible, while teaching students to appreciate  molds that may not be “perfect,” but are still worth something to us personally.

Graffiti Writing

I really enjoyed this as it allowed me to express myself with something I had not previously used. This activity was a good way to do something new and appreciate a much-maligned form of art. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the distracting smell of the paint, but I guess that just comes with the territory.

Art Care Package

I enjoyed this activity because it makes us think about others and about the time we live in. It is fun to make something like this and challenge ourselves about how much we know someone based on what we choose to send to them and why.

3 Least Favorite activities:

  • Landscapes with a Corpse
  • Vlogs
  • Instagram


Landscapes with a Corpse

The Landscapes activity was among my least favorite because of the morbid nature of the assignment. I think it may be better to place this one later in the semester so that people are used to the nature of the art activities before jumping to something as serious as this. It felt really weird to do this and to ask for assistance with this, as it felt impossible to finish alone. It could be helpful to introduce students to working with cameras prior to this, but I found that a part of me really just felt uncomfortable with this project and would prefer to use cameras for some other type of activity that doesn’t involve pretending to be a corpse.


I did not like the Vlog activity as I am not a fan of speaking into a camera on video or having to see and/or hear myself in video. It is something that is extremely uncomfortable for many, especially those who are more private and prefer to not have to put ourselves out into the digital world. I think the vlog would be better suited as an extra credit activity. By making the vlog an extra credit opportunity, students who are willing to put themselves out there and get creative can be rewarded for their efforts, while students who aren’t comfortable with this aren’t forced to do it and then placed into a position where they are left judging themselves. I do think the activity is useful for starting to play with video and opening up a new possibility to students.


I wasn’t really a fan of the Instagram Day activity because I didn’t feel like we really did enough. I think I would enjoy it more if we were challenged to make some form of art with our Instagram posts, such as creating a story or a larger picture made up of many posts that serve as pieces. While it was revealing to get a peak into other people’s day through their Instagram post, I do not feel like this is too creatively challenging. I am also not really a fan of making people register with and have to use something they did not want to use, but that’s just a feeling that I and some others have but not really a critique of the activity.


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