Wk. 11 – Classmate Conversation – Janis Vernier & Jonathan Girgis

This week, I spoke with two classmates. We did the classmate conversation as a trio.

Janis Vernier

Janis Vernier comes to CSULB from Hamburg, Germany. We talked about the situation with Demi Lovato and fan art. However that conversation began to shift from topic to the merits of fan art. Janis said that fan art does provide people with a way to practice a craft or find an artistic voice that they may not yet have. He said that everyone starts from somewhere, and most start from a place of being influenced by the works of others and thus not being 100% original. However he also said that fan art may not be artistic, depending on one’s definition of art, as it is not one’s own work and may not be trying to express anything other than love for someone else’s art.

Jonathan Girgis

Jonathan is a film major, like me, who is closer to graduation than I am. Between the three of us, we spoke about fan art. Jonathan added that fan art can be cool but can also just become a copy of the things someone loves. As film majors, we both spoke about film. We both spoke about our love of directors like Guillermo del Toro, because he is someone who embraces fantastical things one may think are weird and combines them with serious dramatic stories that can be very personal. We also spoke of screenwriting and storytelling, and agreed that Twine was cool because it would allow people like us to begin crafting a story and then take them in a variety of routes, which would help us see which we as storytellers would prefer.


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