Wk. 9 – Art Activity – Art Care Package

For this week’s art activity, we had to create an art car package that we would send to someone. I chose to send my art care package to my youngest sibling, my 9-year-old sister. She is very curious about the word and has already begun to questions about things she hears a lot of, such as Donald Trump and him being “a bad man.” I have also noticed that she likes to draw and appears to have somewhat of an interest in art. My art care package serves as both a package of art materials and a “time capsule” of what 2016 was like.

The newspapers are meant to show how Donald Trump and the presidential election dominated headlines and conversations in 2016. Scandals, polls, maps, and memes have all been big parts of conversation about the election, and the newspapers all contain those. The tablet is a reflection of how important technology has become in this day. Art is traditionally thought of as being a product of paper, pencil, painting, and other materials of the same kind, but technology has become just as important for many, and for some, their material to work with. I included the spray paint cans that I used in a previous art activity as a way to pass something down the family and to introduce her to an alternative form of art that has more value than many give it credit for.

Sending a care package is similar to an snapchat in that you are sending a message that is of that captures that moment and get the context of it, but different in that a snapchat disappears after some time and can often not be preserved to learn from. The art care package is different from art in museums in audience, but both are likely being used to share something of the times that they were created in. The time difference between the sending and receiving of a snapchat and an art care package can add to the effort one puts into each respective thing. I, for example, tend to not put much time into using snapchat for artistic purposes, as I often use it in a conversationalist way with silly messages that are accompanied by pictured that I take rather quickly. Because more effort is likely put into an art care package, I believe that it is more likely to contain more love than a simple snapchat message. Like the ephemera, it can be precious or trash. I believe that the art care package is capable of gaining value over time, like the ephemera, because they can be used to learn about a time period. 
I don’t plan on having grandkids or ever going to Coachella, but I’d imagine that they would either not care for the bracelet or ask about where I got it and what it meant.

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