Wk. 8 – Classmate Conversation – Evan Burton

This week, I spoke with Evan Burton. Evan is from San Francisco and is an economics major. He mentioned that he is an Aquarius. Evan had a skateboard with him, clearly indicating that he likes to skate. Skating is a smart way to get around campus without walking. Though if you don’t have a board you can just take a bus everywhere like I do!

The front page of Evan’s phone had Spotify and Snapchat, both also on the front page of my phone. What differed was that he also had HBO GO, which I use but don’t have on my front page. He told me that his favorite season of Game of Thrones was the fourth season, in contrast to my favorite being the sixth season, which Evan had yet to see. When asked if Evan would support a child of his pursuing an art career, he said he would. “Yea, sure. Let them be trendy.”

Evan didn’t know who Tim Burton was when Professor Zucman mentioned that they shared a last name. Evan had drawn Batman on his ID card, but had no clue that Tim Burton had directed two (fun) Batman movies. I explained that Tim Burton directed both Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), and Evan soon said “oh, with Michael Keaton?” I hope Evan will one day watch these movies and understand why they are loved.

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