Wk 6 – Art Activity – Flip Book

My flipbook presents a fish in its bowl using a hidden ability to escape its confinement. The fish starts off as it does every other day, merely swimming within the bowl. However today, it has decided that it wants to escape to the outside world. It jumps out of the water and then sprouts wings, flying off into the unknown.

The fish could want to return to the ocean and find its family! Or it could just want to go watch a movie! The possibilites are endless. We don’t know what it will do, nor do we need to. To me, the beauty of this is that it can do anything! I have three dogs who I often spend time with and wonder what they could be thinking. It could be anything! I like the idea of having freedom to decide how I will have fun, thus I was inspired to have the fish fly off into that very same freedom.

Thinking of what to draw was quite fun. At first, I was going to draw a man punching towards the viewer. Then I was going to have a fish jump from its fish bowl and perform a flip before landing back in its bowl. I ended up deciding on half-way through drawing my flipbook. What I thought would be repetitive and tasking became a fun routine once I got into my stride and got past trying to make perfectly consistent measurements. When flipping through the book, any inconsistencies are almost invisible unless searched for. I found that it’s better to have fun then search for inconsistencies, and this created the sequence below!

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