Wk 5 – Art Activity – Graffiti Painting 

When I first read that we would be doing graffiti writing, I was worried. I was so worried about doing something wrong or getting in legal trouble that I waited until it got dark outside so that no one would see me tagging and want to report it. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about, as I wasn’t spraying on anything that was public property. I didn’t want to accidentally leave paint on a wall in my house, so I sprayed on top of a piece of cardboard and laid it on the floor.

Once I began to spray, I got over my worries and really got into the activity. I really enjoyed spray painting and wanted to make it look as best as I could while maintaining realistic expectations about my first time spray painting. I had fun and actually wanted to do more spray painting. I think my painting came out pretty decently for a first timer. Now that I’m a little more familiar with how to spray paint, I may try it again at some point (where it’s legal, of course). The paint left me feeling a little bit dizzy, so I’ll definitely have to invest in a face mask of some sort next time!


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