Wk. 4 – Art Activity – Automatic Drawing 

The experience was a bit uncomfortable at first. Sitting on the floor certainly wasn’t the greatest idea. I got my little brother to help me with this, as I thought he might have fun participating in this. He did! But we both also got messy! We used three different pastel colors, and were really feelimg the fatigue brought on by doing this for almost 8 minutes. Both of our shoulders began to ache, but we pushed through it and kept coloring. I had no clue what we were drawing, but I knew it was likely a very incoherent mess. Yet doing that and knowing what to expect made it more fun. Scribbling all over the large paper felt like a nonviolent way to relieve stress. It was also a fun little bonding exercise, as the two of us had to work together to make a drawing while not losing our coordination.

This is the mess that ended up on one of my hands. My brother’s hands ended up much worse. He had a smear across one of his forearms. But I was not able to get a picture of it as he instantly got up and went to wash it off, not wanting to be seen like that in a picture.

The resulting drawing was, as expected, a mess of lines and circles. It kind of doesn’t look like much at first sight. Though the longer I stared at it the more I was able to find. It looks like a giant ball of yarn. The green line that is around most of the yarn ball looks like half of a whale. I also noticed what looked like a few yellow lines that resemble the shape of a house. Perhaps I could use this to make a mash-up of all of those things!


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