ART 110: Week 3 – Classmate Conversation 

For my classmate conversation this week, I spoke to Tommy Duong. Tommy is a second year student who is double-majoring in both Social Work and Health Science. 

Tommy said that he chose Health Science because he hopes to become a pharmacist. Tommy then said that he chose Social Work as a second major because he would also like to do “support work” in urban areas and poor neighborhoods, such as helping provide families in those areas with supplies they may not have access to.

I asked Tommy what he thought was a piece of art that he would like everyone to see, and he responded with Star Wars. Believe it or not, there are people who have never seen Star Wars! Tommy believes that the visual effects in the films alone are a reason to marvel at them. Tommy found it cool how innovative the production got with trying to add effects in to the films. He loves how different the Star Wars movies are to other space movies. Star Wars is incredibly rich in its diversity of species, and the visual effects are a big part of why.

At the art galleries, Tommy was looking at the projected video of the plants that appeared to be singing. He was drawn by the piece because he wanted to figure out what was moving around in the background of it (it turned out to be thin, white snakes).

“Why did they make this?,” Tommy wondered as he stared at the projection.

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