ART 110 – Week 2: Classmate Conversation

​For week two’s classmate conversation, I spoke with Ali Garawi. 

Ali is a business finance major. He is hoping to be able to one day own his own business. Ali is of Iranian descent, which made him the first person of Iranian descent I’ve personally met. He was not originally in the class, but signed up for it on the first day of class as this class would help him complete his humanities GE requirement.

This week’s question of the week was if we believe that art is even important. When asking Ali, he responded that he does believe art is important. Ali responded that he feels art is important because it allows people to influence others with more than facts. He said that art can be used as motivation to inspire people to change something about themselves or the world around them. “A picture can be more inspiring than a statistic,” said Ali, who believes art can help us emotionally connect with what a fact may be telling us. He said that statistics about something like world hunger may cause the person reading the numbers to feel bad, but seeing a picture of the people that said hunger affects can help us better understand what that statistic looks like and who it affects.

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