ART 110: Week 1 – Classmate Conversation

For my classmate conversation, I did not find anyone in my class on Wednesday. So I did my classmate conversation at Seal Beach on Saturday as some of us students had gone to do our plaster casting activity. I met Fatima, who helped me a bit with getting started on my plaster casting. She is in the 2:30PM class, but she is technically in the same ART 110 class! Just at a different time.

Fatima was at the beach with her mom and her younger brother. She told me that she is an accounting major, quite the opposite of myself. I told her that I was happy to be done with my math requirements, not because I find math difficult, but I just enjoy other things more (like journalism and film, my major and minor). She said that she finds math soothing.

She also told me that played both tennis and badminton in high school. Fatima was varsity in both sports in high school. She told me that she “used to be the best at both,” and she placed a special emphasis on “used to be.” I did not play sports in high school, but we did find some similarities.

Fatima told me that she and her family have six dogs at home, twice the number of dogs that I have. (I’d love to have six dogs though, they’re the best!) One of her dogs is named Chica and is fat, similar to my first dog who is named Chiquis and is also fat. Both of our dogs make pig noises when they want something, especially when what they desire is food. Chica has stubby legs and will eat anything, including crayons. She also told me that another one of her dogs is named Buddy.

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