ART 110: Plaster Casting

I arrived at Seal Beach at 11:00AM, so with only an hour to create my plaster casting molds, I got to work almost immediately. It was cloudy and not very hot when I arrived, which was great for me as I was one of the few who raised their hand when asked in class do so if we hate the beach.

I picked out a spot near a few classmates and began to pull out the supplies I would need to get started. I then dug a hole that I put my hand down, being careful to slowly pull my hand out of the whole so that I wouldn’t mess up. I then dug a second whole at a classmate’s suggestion, a secomd hole that I did mess up. So I had to dig the sand out, but I didn’t mind as the digging was actually fun!

 As I did this, Professor Zucman came over and had us introduce ourselves to each other. I got back to work right after that, first dumping all of the plaster from the art kit into a now empty bucket. A classmate brought me water for the bucket as I was wearing shoes and did not want to get them wet, like another classmate had already done. I then stirred the plaster and water for a few minutes before pouring it into the holes I made, having to use the stirring stick to scrap every last bit of plaster out of the bucket.

While waiting for the plaster to be ready, I sopped on some iced tea and talked with a few classmates about the day and how nice it was, and about our classes.
About half an hour afer I poured the plaster into the holes, I began to dig my molds out of the sand. I began to see what they looked like as I dug sand out from the sides of the molds. The results were not perfect, but they were quite amusing!

My first mold was a model of my hand and arm, however the hand was missing four fingers. It only had the thumb! The craters of where the fingers were supposed to be were easy to spot. This mold ended up looking more like a crab hand than a human hand.

The second mold was a model of my fist, cutting off right above my wrist as I did not have enough plaster to fill the rest of the hole I made. I’m happy to say that this second mold looked much more like intended! The fist was easier to pull out of the hole as I had put it in, even though I initially messed up when trying to do so.

I found that if I put the second mold on top of the first mold, it would look a little bit more like an arm that resembles my own. For a person who doesn’t like the beach, I had quite a bit of fun! I overheard Professor Zucman say that people tend to like Seal Beach more than the beach in Downtown Long Beach, and I would have to ahree with those people. I ended up being happy with my choice to go out to complete the project, as I got to have fun meeting new people while completing the project correctly.

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